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Thanks, Hillsborough!!

Tom Stevens explains L word
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Dear Friends & Fellow Hillsboroughians,

I constantly hear people say “I Love Hillsborough!” Me too. I am grateful for the privilege of serving as Mayor of this wonderful town, and I have decided that I will run for another term.

In the last decade our town has accomplished many things of which we can be proud. We practice a high standard for stewardship of our basic infrastructure, investing sensibly in things such as regular road maintenance, a new waste-water treatment plant, attractive way-finding signage, the Nash Street sidewalk - not to mention wonderful community amenities like Gold Park and Riverwalk. We have followed a long-term development plan that emphasizes keeping a town character by steering development toward infill near existing highways rather than sprawling into the countryside, and insisting on a wide variety of housing types in walkable, connected communities. We have managed to retain a 40% commercial tax base, with a wide variety of employment opportunities. We’ve cultivated a thriving tourism industry based on the same things that locals enjoy - appreciation of our history, good local food and beverages, prolific arts, outdoor recreation in our distinctive natural areas, and above all an authentic sense of place. We’ve been rewarded for our efforts with accolades including Distinctive Destination, Great Main Street, America’s Little Literary Town, even in the running for America’s Coolest Small Town. Hillsborough Rocks!

While we’ve accomplished much, there’s plenty of work on the horizon. We must deal with a wave of development; we have a train station to build; we have new neighborhoods with new people that need to be welcomed into our town; and we have an exciting opportunity to move town facilities (police, fire, and finance) from downtown to a new town hall campus freeing space for additional commercial enterprise in our historic town center. We have vibrant activity in all parts of town - north, east, south, west, and center - that needs encouragement.

I am ready to continue working hard on behalf of our community, and to do so keeping in mind a widely shared vision that emphasizes small-town character, celebrating our cultural and natural heritage, and encouraging sustainable prosperity for folks from all walks of life.

In Hillsborough we enjoy a vitality and sense of community you can feel walking down the street. It takes many heads, hands, and hearts to preserve what is enduring about the Hillsborough we love while shaping the Hillsborough we envision for the future. I will continue to serve as a passionate spokesperson for Hillsborough, and I will do my best to offer seasoned leadership to move us forward - for the love of Hillsborough.

Tom Stevens

June 2017

photo courtesy of Craven Creative Photography

To contact Tom, or get involved in the upcoming campaign, including making a donation, go to the Connect page.

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